Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book

Please contact either through the contact page on this website, or directly via email at Please ensure you include your idea, and subject matter in detail, as well as the size, exact placement, budget or limit, days you are available as well as any reference photos. You appointment will not be secured until a deposit is placed.


Should you decide to numb the are you are getting tattood, please use ONLY numbing cream specifically branded or labelled for tattooing. Many over the counter pharmacy numbing creams harden the skin and will negatively affect the quality and healing of the tattoo. Recommended brands are Super numb.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

Life happens and it is understandable that appointments may need to be moved or cancelled. You will need to give 3 days notice to keep your deposit. Please understand sometimes your design can be drawn in advance and can take hours to finish therefor your deposit may need to be kept as a drawing fee to pay for the work already put in.

Getting the Tattoo

Please eat a large breakfast/ lunch before your appointment. Feel free to bring small snacks, sugary drinks and lollies can help keep your blood sugar high prevent diziness. Please dress comfortably and appropriately for the area you are getting tattoed so it is accessible. If you are unsure please ask in your email as I am happy to give advice so you are at your most comfortable. Do not wear expenive clothing incase of ink stains. You may bring maximum of two friends or family for your appointment if absoltely necessary. For appointments over 3 hours no visitors are preferred or may be asked to leave if appointment reaches this length. The area may be need to be shaved, you may do this yourself but I can if you forget to on the day, and please do not moisturise or fake tan as it will be wiped away.

Aftercare and Touchups

Do not submerge a fresh tattoo in water fully for at least 2 weeks. Showering is fine but no soaking/ pools/ spas/ ocean/ in sink etc. The tattoo may be washed with antiseptic soap such as dettol. Preferred aftercare products are antispetic balms such as Bepanthen and Dr Pickle. Please apply these sparingly. Avoid any scented moisturizers or products as they may cause infection or 'dropping out' or the ink. I will explain the aftercare procedure in more detail at the end of your appointment. You are entitled to recieve a touch up in the first 3-6 months if required. Touch ups will NOT be given if it is obvious the tattoo has been affected by improper aftercare.